Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Palomar Theatre

The Palomar Theatre was built in 1924 on the 300 block of North Hill (Coast Highway) between Third and Fourth Streets. The theatre's address was 314 North Hill Street. I am a little uncertain as to who built the theater; the two sources I checked each listed a different name. One source names A. J. Clark as the builder; the other source says R. E. Struve built the theatre. The auditorium seated 650 people, and the silent films of the time were accompanied on a $10,000 Morton organ. In addition to films, the theater was used for live entertainment such as plays and vaudeville acts.

When the city began clearing land in 1988 to make way for the new civic center, the block of buildings where the Palomar stood was demolished.

(Information taken from Oceanside: Crest of the Wave, by Langdon Sully and Taryn Bigelow, and Oceanside: Where Life is Worth Living, by Kristi Hawthorne.)

Elysium Theater

I don't have much information about this theater. "Will Scott opened the Elysium Theater on Second Street in 1913 but continued his barber shop business in the same building. The building was designed by architect Henry Lord Gay and built by local builder, Frederick W. Rieke."

(Information taken from Oceanside: Where Life is Worth Living, by Kristi Hawthorne.)